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Breach of Contract

Stavale & Gemmete, PLLC has assisted numerous clients with the drafting and reviewing of all different forms of contracts. Stavale & Gemmete, PLLC has also been involved in numerous contract disputes resulting in favorable resolutions on behalf of their clients. In one complex lawsuit, STAVALE & GEMMETE, PLLC represented four Service Center Dealers with business locations in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Texas whose contracts were terminated by a large automotive supplier, and who then refused to remit payment to them of over four million dollars in unpaid receivables. STAVALE & GEMMETE, PLLC commenced litigation on behalf of all four Service Center Dealers in the Macomb County Circuit Court for breach of contract, and through aggressive discovery and multiple motions, quickly engineered a settlement in which each client received payment of the majority of their unpaid receivables.

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